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tokumx 1.4.1

Release date: 2014-03-24

General ~~~~~~~

  • This release is focused on bug fixes since 1.4.0.

New features and improvements ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Improved the speed and reduced the impact of deletes after a chunk migration. (#957)

  • Improved the speed of the touch command. (#959)

  • TokuMX now gathers more information and tries to output it to the log on a crash. (#987, #993)

  • Added compressionRatio section to serverStatus to report the compression ratio calculated on disk write. (#989)

  • Added aggregate per-index stats in output of db.collection.stats() for sharded collections. (#1019)

Bug fixes ~~~~~~~~~

  • Fixed the output of show dbs and listDatabases in sharded clusters. (#962)

  • Fixed a bad query plan used by a secondary to find its rollback point in the oplog, which could cause startup to time out. (#965)

  • Removed erroneous system.namespaces entries for partitioned collections, including the oplog. (#966, #967)

  • Enabled the use of a hashed shard key when there is a user-defined primary key. In 1.4.0, the shard key would be rejected because the primary key looks like a unique index whose uniqueness cannot be enforced, however, for a primary key it is enforced by the _id’s uniqueness assumption. (#968)

  • Fixed linking of some commands, including loadPlugin and the bulk loader commands in mongorestore. (#977, #981, #983)

  • Fixed problem opening too many files on startup, causing listening sockets’ ids to be too high. (#978, #984)

  • Changing storage settings (compression, page sizes, etc.) with reIndex now correctly persists the change for future opens and added partitions. (#982)

  • The getParameter command now accepts journalCommitInterval as an alias for logFlushPeriod. (#988)

  • Fixed issue with listDatabases and partitioned collections. (#997)

  • Fixed a race between aborting a transaction due to client disconnect, and the transaction abort due to replica set relinquish. (#1003)

  • Fixed an issue that could cause migrations to fail repeatedly. (#1011)

  • Fixed command authorization settings for enterprise plugin loading commands. (#1012)

  • Fixed a bug that caused migrations to fail when the migration causes the recipient shard to transition an index to multiKey. (#1025)

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